Supporting those who support me.

Being in small business is tough no matter what you trade in. Be it massage, the local corner store, the little clothes boutique, personal training, small gyms, the list goes on. One thing that makes a huge difference in business though, especially the business I am in, is the support you get from those who are in the same boat. Those who are willing to send their clients to you, who believe in what you do and how you can help them. It’s almost like a little circle of business owners leaning on each other to make sure the circle remains unbroken, that nobody falls behind and continues to see clients and customers continually walking through the doors on a daily basis. Those who support me deserve my support back. Below is a little information on one of my biggest supporters Luke Jackson who is forever sending clients my way. Time for me to return the favour and give him a shout on on here. Do yourself a favour and get in to see Luke and the Action family and see what boxing can do for you and your health.

Luke Jackson, Undefeated professional boxer and former Olympian and ¬†owner of Action Fitness Centre¬† Luke and I have a great relationship and mutual respect for each others craft. I have trained under Luke for fitness boxing and now have the tools to be able to do a great boxing session at home with correct technique and pain free, something that I suffered with for a long time due to bad technique. Luke started him Gym in a small studio in Lampton Ave a few years ago. It was small! 20 clients in there doing a session and the windows would soon fog up. Last year he moved from Lampton Ave to Pear Ave where he increased the size of the gym floor dramatically. The gym now consists of a full size boxing ring, sled track, cardio and weights area and ample bags to cater for his classes and training. Luke is one of the best in the business still sitting undefeated in his professional career and looking to retain that record when he fights again on Nov 19 at Hobart’s Princess wharf 1 against WBC world super flyweight title contender Sylvester Lopez. Anyone out there wanting to learn the fundamentals of boxing or just want to get fit, get along to one of Luke’s classes and give it a go.



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