P2P 2016, Done and Dusted for another year

Well what a day! Wet wet wet is not just a band it was also the weather conditions for the 23rd Point to Pinnacle which was run yesterday. Now this year I finally got off my butt and put in some good training but the thing I didn’t train for was running down hill and today, I pay. Unfortunately the P2P this year didn’t mean Point to Pinnacle it was instead Point to Point. It was unsafe on the mountain for transport, runners, walkers and volunteers so the call was made to turn the run around at Bracken lane, about 700m past the pinnacle Rd turn off. Running up is easy, well easy on the body, running down however is a lot harder on the body and 1.5km into the downhill slog I thought my right knee was going to explode! I nursed it through though and made it back down to the casino in one piece. It was awesome to see so many people brave the conditions and still turn up to take part in what I think is the best fun run in Tasmania, if you can call it fun! The spirit of competitors and those cheering us on from the footpaths in the rain is just amazing. The volunteers who stand out in the cold and rain for hours on end making sure we are hydrated and spend most the day picking up our cups that we all throw at the bin with good intention but inevitably miss almost every time! The race organizers, a huge thank you for putting on such an amazing event. To Kim and his team keep up the great work and don’t keep feeling the need to justify your decision in turning us around, you put everyone’s safety first and for that I thank you. ┬áTo my awesome team mates who wore my shirts on their backs and did their bit for the business, thank you and well done to all of you on an awesome effort. My clients who I saw out there hurting it up and my friends, you all rock. And last but not least my one and only who treated me to Savoy and put up my whinging and even let the cat in and out all night (a job usually reserved for me) because getting up off the couch every 15 minutes was just too hard. Oh and before I finish just a massive shout out to Peter Wheatley who finished his month of marathons to raise funds for his wife’s charity in Ethiopia called Water for a village. Pete caught up to me almost at the turn when I was struggling, put his arm around me and got me going again. Pete you are a great man, I hope you guys managed to hit your targets and continue to do the awesome work you do. Everyone give yourselves a big pat on the back and I’ll see you all on the mountain in 2017.


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