Christmas gift voucher deals

I’m sure we have all received gifts before from family, friends, employers, that have gone straight into the what the heck am I going to do with that pile? Well I have a solution for all those out there who want the brother,sister,partner,boss of the year award. Let that Christmas present be something that they really want. How many people would love a massage but simply can’t afford it? Are you a boss who has many workers who are tired and sore from a massive year? Help them relax a little with a massage this Christmas. I have put together some packs for Christmas for those looking to purchased something different this year. Share this post with your boss, your partner, family, subtle hints sometimes go a long way in getting what you actually want. The packs are as follows.

4 vouchers $300 save $20

6 vouchers $450 save $30

10 vouchers $730 save $70

10+ vouchers $70 each save $10 per voucher.

Please contact me if you would like any of the packs. Note I will be leaving the state on Dec 22 so get in before then.

Happy hinting


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