Sometimes, life throws us a curve ball and life as we know it gets turned on it’s head. Last week I was finally settling into work, ready to knuckle down for the rest of the year and work my butt off to earn myself some more holidays at the end of the year. Then 2 things happened. Firstly I was informed that my premises would be put on the market and I would be on the move. No biggie, my business is established, I just have to move it all on up the road. That was just a small hump in the road, it was easy enough sorted. Despite this news I was still just cracking on with work and looking after you awesome people as normal. But then the spanner was thrown in, we got the news of an imminent death in the family and everything was shut down to race to VIC to be with my partners family during this hard time. It’s hard. I’m torn. While I would never be anywhere else, when you are a business owner your thoughts are never far away from what you need to do when you return. To be honest I feel like I haven’t worked at all this year! I have. A few weeks anyway. I have a sponsor heading off for training camp on Monday who I haven’t been able to see to make sure he gets through camp ok and primed for his fight. I return to Hobart on Saturday and will be back into it on Monday. I will be looking at the new premises and hopefully planning for the move. In between clients this will all happen and I will also get back into my training which has basically been on the back burner since Christmas! I guess what I ask myself a lot these days is what is more important? Does work trump family? Does family trump work? hands down family trumps work every time. Yes business is important but family is more important than anything, always. Don’t let anything get in the way of those important family milestones, Christmas events, birthdays, weddings etc etc. Yes I love my work but I love my family more. See you in a week folks.


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