The Easter Bunny is better than Santa!

I have decided in all my wisdom that the Easter Bunny is by far better than Santa because he brings (in the words of my 2 year old niece) clocklate!!! Oh and don’t we all love clocklate? Even when I’m trying to be super super good, my big fat weakness is that brown milky goodness. But, now Easter is over I need to get back on the wagon and get off the sugar again…boring! Ha, but I feel much better for it. How much clocklate did you eat over the weekend?

This week I only have one spot available at 10:30am on Friday so if you want that spot get in quick. Next week I have the following

Wed 26th 10:30

Thurs 27th 10:30, 11:45 & 4pm

Fri 9:15, 10:30 & 11:45

Make sure you are looking after yourself and enjoy a massage as much as that Chocolate.


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