Nearly at 500!

On June 12 this year Ellis Remedial will be 4 years old, yep the big 4! Wow time flies. I started this business from scratch. Nobody knew who I was, how I operated or if I was a good therapist or not. I still took a chance and threw in a good paying job to become my own boss. As we near the 4th birthday the figures tell me that I am 35 clients off reaching 500 new clients. That’s 500 different bodies that will have walked through my door to the unknown. Most of those 500 have been referrals which tells me I must be doing something right. Keeping track of this kind of stuff is important, making sure I see where my clients are coming from and what sort of advertising does and doesn’t work. Some are regular return clients on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis and others I don’t see for months on end sometimes years but they do come back. It would seem that word of mouth is by far the best advertising in Tasmania but we all know that already. It can make you or break you and thankfully I am currently running the former. I love what I do. My clients are my little family. I love waking up and checking the diary to see a day full of regulars and I know instantly that the day is going to be awesome. I think I might have to come up with a gift for that 500th new client. I wonder how many massages I have pumped out in those 4 years? Now that would be an interesting stat. I might just have to work that out. Believing in yourself and your ability to do anything will get you a long way in life. If you don’t like your job, find something you do like and do it. We have one life, make it count.



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