Training Happy.

After doing my first one on one boxing session with Luke Jackson last week in well over a year, the muscular soreness that followed would have a profound effect. Instead on complaining about it I embraced it. It was the kick start I needed to feel that pain and want to up the ante on my training to feel even more of it. You see the most important part of any exercise is to enjoy it. There is no use doing something you don’t enjoy, it’s a bit like going to work every day to a job you hate, it’s not very productive. Yesterday I came up with this little ripper and will repeat today only with a changed sequence. It was tough but it was awesome. I wasn’t sure I would get through it without stopping but I did and it was fun!

36 minutes in total 3 rounds

round 1 x3  Frog Jumps


Kettle Bell swings

Sled push + 15kg

1 minute each exercise with 30 seconds in between each round. In that 30 seconds we did non stop shuttle runs. That continued throughout the whole workout

Round 2 x2 Battle rope

Wall Balls

Side Throws

Wall Sit

Round 3 x1 Crunches



Caterpillar Push Ups

It was an intense non stop cardio workout and I would say we managed to use every muscle in our body. The most important thing though was that it was fun! Today’s mix was the same exercises but two 1 minute efforts on each with the run still in the middle. I think that was possibly harder than yesterday, I nearly spewed! But I got it done. Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of the comfort zone. Do a workout that has no breaks but just adjust the amount of time. Start small and get bigger as you get fitter and your confidence improves. For those of you who have access to all the equipment used above give this a whirl. As Luke says pain is just weakness leaving your body!




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