Available appointments this week

Hi everyone.

This week there are not many spots free. I am pretty full with only 2 spots available Friday morning at 9:15 & 10:30. Jodie is not here this Friday as she is off racing for the weekend in some tropical paradise on the Sunshine coast. However she is here this afternoon if anyone needs some work and Wednesday afternoon she has a 12:30, 1:45 & a 3pm.

Tonight I am meeting with my computer tech and hoping that our online booking system will be live in the coming days. That way all you night owls can just jump online and book instead of waiting for me to respond to your messages until the next morning. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and you all have a super week ahead.


What’s happening? News and appointments

Today I was supposed to be getting a heat pump installed thanks to the guys at Parr air conditioning, as well as our EFTPOS machine. Unfortunately the EFTPOS machine didn’t make it in due to them sending the wrong terminal so hopefully that will come early next week. However the heat pump was installed this afternoon and I am so grateful to those guys for getting it installed and going, working in the dark until 6pm! It will make it a lot more comfortable in here now when the sun hides and the place isn’t like an ice block in reception. In need of some instant heat? Give Parr a call, support local.

It has been a crazy month with the new room which has taken me a lot longer to finish than I would have liked but it is now complete and ready to see clients. This will enable Jodie to take on more clients on days that she wants to work. Hopefully we will add another therapist as demand increases. Speaking of, Jodie has 2 appointments still available tomorrow at 12:30 & 1:45, the last two for the week.

It’s almost time for me to visit the accountant and that means I will get growled at for not having a price rise, so to cover ever rising costs and prevent big smacks from the scary accountant there will be a small increase in price as of mid August.

Don’t forget tomorrow 12:30 & 1:45 for massage with Jodie. Don’t wait contact me now to book in.

Watch this space for more info regarding our online booking which is supposed to be live Monday. Exciting times ahead!

Keep on being awesome,


Whats news?

Well as you all know I have been putting in a 2nd treatment room over the past few weeks. I would have to say one of the hardest things to do is to have a business open full time while you are trying to find time to paint and set up. It’s been a little bit frustrating but the end is near. Just now I finally finished painting the walls, hooray! I thought I was going to get away with one coat last week until I looked in there when it was dry and my paint background slapped me on the hand and told me I needed another, it was a bit of wishful thinking. I ran out of paint but thankfully I still have contacts who came to my rescue and allowed me to finish without buying more. Only the skirting to go and the dreaded painting is finished! This morning I went and saw a man about a dog, I mean carpet, and this afternoon I will fill in the paperwork to send off to get an EFTPOS machine. With the family heading off to QLD for the 2nd part of the school holidays it is safe to say I can put in some late nights and we will be ready to rock and roll with the new room by the middle of July. To all of you who have been in for treatment while all of this has been going on, thank you for your patience and understanding. Jodie has managed to start working here as well during this time and a big thanks to her for working around me. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually buy more hours in a day? It sure would make things easier. We still have a couple of appointment times available this week for those of you who need work before the weekend.

I can squeeze one in tomorrow at 11am and Jodie still has a 1:30 and a 5:15. Don’t miss out only 3 spots left.

Also a reminder that I will be unavailable next week until Thursday and I only have the 5:15 Thursday available for the week. Jodie will be here and is happy to fill up Tuesday so for those wanting a massage next week please call early so I can get you in.

Happy hump day,


Warm towels make everyone happy.

How nice is it when you walk into a warm room out of the cold and get covered in warm towels? Here at Ellis Remedial the towels are continually rotated during your massage from the heater to your body making sure you never feel cold. Doesn’t that sound amazing? What are you waiting for? Come on in and experience the simple pure bliss of a warm towel.

This week we have the following available. Next week I am away until Thursday but Jodie can cover me if needed so rest assured if you need treatment one of us will look after you.

This week we have


Tuesday 11:45 or 2:45

Wednesday 9:15, 10:30 & 11:45

Friday 9:15 & 10:30


Friday 1:30, 2:45, 4pm & 5:15

Do yourself a favour, let your muscles relax and leave winter behind outside. Call to book your spot.