Availability this week.

As mentioned last week I am fully booked this week and I am now fully booked next week as well. The good news is that Jimmy has agreed to work Thursday and Friday pm if needed and Jodie is now available this Friday. For those of you who like to book online please be aware that Jimmy is not yet set up in our online calendar so you will have to contact me to book with him. We have the following available;



Friday 12:30, 1:45, 3:00 & 4:15

Jimmy Tuesday 10:45, 12pm & 1:15

Thurs 9:30, 10:45, 12pm, 1:15

Friday Pm if needed.


We are lucky here to have 3 of the best sports therapists in Hobart, come on in and experience what if feel like when your body is back to it’s best regardless of your occupation.


Ellis Remedial Therapies

New therapist

I would like to announce that we have just secured a new therapist who will join our team on a Tuesday. Jimmy Cochrane will be joining us from this coming Tuesday and had already got 3 bookings. He will be seeing 6 clients and as Jodie and myself are both booked out next week I recommend you get in fast if you need some work done. I did get him to give me a massage and I feel awesome! Jimmy has had extensive work with athletes in VIC and WA as well as continued work here in Tas. He also does dry needling which is super exciting as Jodie and myself are yet to do our course. We are starting to have all bases covered for your massage needs here at Ellis Remedial and I am super excited to have 2 awesome therapists as part of my team. Come on in and let us keep you at your best.



Over the past 4 years I have been very generous with donations for all sorts of events and charities. There hasn’t been many times I have said no but unfortunately that now has to change. As much as I love supporting local sporting events, clubs and fundraisers, I just don’t have the time anymore to give away for voucher redemption. I’m struggling enough to get my regular clients through the door and while it is always good to get my name out there with donations it it no longer viable from a business perspective. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported me along the way and given me the opportunity to get my business name out there through your organisations and I wish you all the very best into the future. While I can’t give vouchers any more, don’t hesitate to contact me if you do have something on, I may have some other form of product I may be able to pass your way.

Keep being awesome.


Online booking, It’s finally here!

Well thank you all for your patience while we got this together, it is finally live! Massive thanks to my good friend Aaron who spent endless hours on it in between getting his house ready for sale and organizing a wedding. Here is the link to our online booking system, you will find both Jodie and myself on there and hopefully before too long we can add another therapist to the mix, as you will discover there are not many available spaces for the rest of the month. https://ellisremedialtherapies.com.au/book-an-appointment/. 

Please note that you can still call to book any time. While this system doesn’t have SMS reminder it does have email reminder 24 hrs prior to your appointment. If you can not make an appointment please give us 24 hours notice so we can make the spot vacant for somebody else.

Have a look and tell me what you think, ease of use etc. Those of you who are already booked in with me won’t get an email until I have the chance to go through and add it for you but you all come regularly anyway so that won’t be an issue.

Look forward to seeing your happy smiley faces soon.



What’s news? I’ve been a little bit slack reporting the last few weeks because we have been flat out busy! Firstly just a heads up, this week and next week are full. We are without Jodie for a little while while she is off traveling the world racing. She only has one day available between now and October 15 so if you are wanting to see her you best contact us straight away so we can get you in.

I posted last week about our increase in client numbers, there is no sign of that slowing down so as of the end of this year I will be dropping the one day a fortnight I spend at another clinic to make sure I can get everyone through the doors here who is requesting a massage.

Online booking has been promised to you for a while now and I can honestly say it will be up and running on Monday. I just have to meet with my tech on the weekend to choose which format to use and we are all systems go. Sorry for the delay but we like to do things right here at Ellis Remedial.

Footy finals season is in full swing and I think I have already seen half of the team gracing my table this week alone. It’s great that the boys are looking after themselves and after a less than great start from the Clarence boys we hope to redeem ourselves this weekend with a win over Launceston to keep the premiership dream alive. Go Roos!!

Best of luck to Josh Young who will be playing in the Grand Final for Lindisfarne next weekend after a stellar win over New Norfolk last week.

That is about it for now. Just remember if you need a massage, think ahead and pre book to make sure you get the time you want.