Making time for yourself.

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted was to be a grown up and do grown up things? How did that work out for you? How good would it be to be a kid again and have the knowledge we have now? Growing up, our elders would say that and we would be like ‘yeah yeah’. And now, well I don’t know about you but the adult version of me would have done a lot different. However, we can’t turn back the clock, nor can we stop it, but we can slow down. We now live in such a fast paced world where everybody wants something yesterday that it’s hard sometimes to check into ourselves and give ourselves some us time. Let’s look at your average person who works full time and has a family that includes children. Before I go any further though I would like to applaud all those who are full time parents. Maybe it’s a maternal thing that I don’t really posses but having children 100% of the time is a crazy task. You are all superstars! Right, back to my average person. You wake up, sort yourself, wake the kids, sort them. Possibly 60+ % of the time they don’t want to cooperate in the mornings or maybe they left their brains in bed and continually do things that make you leave the house feeling more frustrated than ever and you telling yourself your day can only get better. Some people do this on their own and others have their partner to help. Often you get in each others way and frustrate each other just as much as the kids but you manage to eventually get out the door on time and off to work. You work all day, return to pick up children, cook dinner, clean the house, referee a million fights before bed time, and eventually fall in a heap on the couch with about as much energy as a snail in a pool of peanut butter! You are mentally and physically exhausted. You eventually go to sleep and repeat for the whole week. Weekends come and you spend that entertaining the kids or running them to sports. So, when do you check yourself out and what do you do? It certainly isn’t easy to find that time regardless of weather you have kids or a partner because life still gets busy. For me personally, I am at my happiest when I am being creative. Not art and craft type stuff, I love being in my workshop. I love turning nothing into something or making something old new again. I have a massive admiration for beautiful timber, so much so that I get frustrated when people call it wood. You burn wood, you create with timber! It’s when I can let my imagination flow and just tune out to the world. I’m a very visionary person so when I know what I wan’t to do and I can see it in my head it makes me excited when I can bring it to life. On the health side of things, I also enjoy time exercising but most importantly getting my¬† fortnightly massage. It’s total me time. As soon as I lay on my therapists table I feel my body relax. The phone gets put away and I have the whole hour for just me, bliss. Happiness on the whole comes when you get the mix right. You need time for work, time for play, time for the family, time with just you and your partner and time for yourself. When you go home tonight, ask your partner what makes them zone out and relax. Try to make time to enable the both of you to have ‘your’ time. Just a couple of hours once a week to do the thing that makes you totally happy. If all else fails. book a massage with us and at least let us get you back to your best.


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