Changes ahead…

Hello everyone, Nikki here. We are full on into the new year and now that I am finally back on deck after a crazy start to the year I can let you know what is happening in the next few months.  I will be changing my working hours as of  March. Instead of having short days on a Monday and Friday I will be looking at changing these and swapping the Monday for a Wednesday. My week will look something like this. Monday full day 5 clients, Tuesday full day 6 clients. Afternoon spots on a Tuesday will change slightly however with my last appointment at 4:45 instead of 5:15. Wed am 3-4 clients, Thurs full day 6 clients and Friday am 3 clients. Wednesday afternoons will then be covered by Jodie who already does them and Jimmy who will then cover my room.  Jodie will also continue her regular Friday afternoon shifts and Jimmy will be doing a full day on a Tuesday.  This does seem a lot to get your head around so the best thing to do is to pop on over to our online booking page and see what we have available.  That is all I really need to communicate with you all for the moment. Keep on being awesome and let us keep you at your best!

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