Corona Madness

It’s Thursday 2/4/2020. Day 4 of shutdown for Tas. For Ellis Remedial it has been 11 days and yes it feels like forever! However, when I heard they were finally doing the full(well almost, you can still get a haircut!) lockdown I was relieved beyond words. For us to move forward and continue on as normal post Corona, we need to stem the spread now. We all know how hard it has been for business, it goes without saying. Let’s look at the silver lining though. People are being nice to each other, people are respecting others personal space (social distancing) and all the puppies have their humans at home, how excited must they be! But for me I think it is actually a good chance to let my body recover. The brain is constantly on overload and my level of enthusiasm is up and down like a YoYo but my body on the whole could probably do with a few weeks not massaging. I think in 7 years as a massage therapist I have probably only had a total of 2 months off. A week here, a week there so I guess a forced month to do nothing can’t hurt.

I am lucky in a sense that we have a huge property and quite a large home so there is always something to do. Today I am busy making savoury muffins. The kids informed me last night that it was the best thing I have ever made so I was ordered to make more! Finally something they will eat for lunch that they enjoy, when did kids become so fussy? Maybe I am letting my mind take me back to my childhood and remembering the feeling when we would come home from school and mum had been baking all day! The thought of sneaking yummy choc slice or ANZACS when we were supposed to be in bed made our tummies dance with delight. I still have no idea how mum didn’t hear us, I hear if our kids fart in bed, let alone sneak to the kitchen for food! So here I am in my kitchen getting my Betty Crocker on, oops, that last batch stayed in a bit too long, crunchy tops are ok right? I’ll blame the cheese!

I just wanted to post this today to check up on you all, see how you are all doing? Are you working from home? Have you been laid off and worried about the future? Are you going batty homeschooling your children? I am married to a teacher and it’s a little bit crazy in the teaching world at the moment. Trying to build an online learning platform in a matter of weeks is not ideal for anyone but they are doing the best they can. I hope you are all keeping well both physically and mentally, it certainly is a good time to make sure you still reach out. I am a big hugger when it comes to my friends so this isolation is killing me. Our cat, Fidel, unfortunately lost his battle with a bad heart back in Jan. He’s probably lucky he is not with us anymore because cuddling him would be the sole source of my existence if he was here and he hated cuddles! Maybe I’ll just have to hug the giant teddy in the toy room, at least it’s soft I guess.

I have contemplated starting a jigsaw to keep my mind occupied but at the same time I would feel guilty for not being outside or fixing something. How many of you like to do jigsaws to zone out? I have found that those without patience are not very good at them! Patience though is what we need in abundance right now. I might have to purchase some from somewhere, it’s certainly not my strong point. Ali growls at me for being impulsive and I have to agree it does bring me undone sometimes. Generally if I wan’t something I want it now, especially if it is an item that should work that doesn’t….that makes me insanely grumpy an impatient!

Anyway, my goodies are out of the oven so I should move onto my next task of the day. Not sure what that is yet, I’ll probably procrastinate for a while then decide. I really do hope you are all doing ok. If you need any advice please feel free to call me. I may not be able to help you physically but I can still advise you on how to manage your niggles.

Stay safe, be kind, don’t forget to smile and be grateful for what we do have.

Nikki x