Why I discount emergency services.

In this industry it’s very rare to discount people. It’s not like we are buying something in, putting a mark up on it and then selling it to the public with enough gap to ‘discount’ to make the customer feel like they are getting a bargain. What you pay for with a massage therapist is our training and knowledge that we know what we are doing and you entrust us to help you. Same goes for the emergency services. We rely ¬†on them for help whenever there is a crisis. Police, Ambulance and Fire, they are all on call to help you. Entering the unknown with every call not knowing if the MVA they have been called to will be one of their family members, fatalities, a friend. On the weekend my best friend who is a fire fighter was called to an incident that no one should have to deal with. Not only was she there but so was one of my clients who is a paramedic. If one of my other close friends was on nights with the police she could possibly have been there too. The incident could have been avoided only for the actions of one stupid reckless individual doing the wrong thing. Our emergency services see it all. They see things that I would never wish to see in a lifetime yet over the span of their career they see it multiple times. I can’t do much. I can’t help them unsee what they see. But, I can give a discount. I give a discount of my time. I have needed an ambulance one or twice in my life and they have never let me down. A lot of people say “but they chose that career” and that is true but sometimes you can’t pay someone enough to do what they do. So to all you emergency services personnel out there, thank you for all that you do. Your discount is worth every cent.

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