The end is near…

Tomorrow will be the last day I practice at the current address in Maxwell Street. It will be a sad day, I love this little place. I have worked here, I have lived here, I have made it my own. But time to move on to a different premises which is bigger and brighter and I’m sure will be just as much fun as this place was. The amazing support of my clients and followers has made my transition from employee to self employed so easy with many laughs along the way. We will continue those laughs, I will no longer have my green room of pain (my treatment room so affectionately named by my sister). Have no fear, the green will reappear, possibly just at a lower level, who knows there could be more. So tomorrow night I will pick up the truck, I will come back here, I will take away all the equipment, signs, candles etc etc and I will head on up the road for a new beginning. I can’t wait to take you all along for the ride. Even if you don’t book a massage, if you are driving past or walking, riding, running, whatever, pop your head into 59a Albert Road and say a big ole G’day!

Keep on being awesome (coz everything is awesoooome…everything is cool when you’re part of a team…) i know you all sang that!

Nik 🙂


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