It’s almost here….

I know I have been promising our online booking for a few weeks now but customizing these things take time. To me it’s all way over my head but luckily my computer guru is well on top of it all. We have just had a meeting and gone over the minor details so he can complete it. It will hopefully be live next week, fingers crossed. I had a call today to tell me that my EFTPOS terminal was being installed tomorrow! They tell me they have sent the correct one this time, we shall see.

It has been a much less stressful week this week. With everything completed I have even found time to hit the running track again, although I would call it more of a plod than a run, but I got out all the same.

Point to Pinnacle registration opened on the 1st and I will enter the team tomorrow. If you would like to join the Ellis Remedial team go here and register

Tomorrow is massage day for me, woo! I hope my clients love massage day as much as me. The week is nearing the end and this weekend I am free of footy commitments so I might just have to have a lazy weekend for a change. Who is with me?

Jodie is off racing a 24hr race on the Sunshine coast so she won’t be taking it easy, but we wish her all the best and hope that she brings some of that lovely warmth back to Tassie when she returns.

To all you wonderful people, have a fantastic weekend and we hope to see your happy smiley faces real soon.


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