Bad news

Last week Jimmy started with us here at ERT. Unfortunately he had a rock climbing accident and has been told today that he will be sidelined for possibly 3 months! Not what we wanted to hear, we just found our 3rd team member and some doctor can’t perform a miracle. Really feel for Jimmy right now, I reckon I would be pretty devo if I was sidelined for that long, I think I would go insane. So that’s the bad news. If you have an appointment booked with Jimmy in the coming weeks I will be in contact to make other arrangements, hopefully just a swap of therapists. Otherwise we will re schedule you. Wishing him a speedy recovery. The good news is that soon we will have Jodie back on a more regular basis after the Freycinet challenge to help cover the demand.

We will eventually have everyone on board and have you running out the door feeling a million dollars. In the meantime please book ahead with myself and Jodie to ensure you get in when requested. As of the 19th of October, Jodie will be changing her days from Wed and Fri to Thurs and Fri.


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