Why not Winter bodies?

Every year around September we are bombarded on social media and Television advertising reminding us that there is only 12 weeks until Summer and to get our Summer bodies now. Personally I hate said adverts they drive me insane! What is the perfect Summer body? Is it the skinny woman who doesn’t have any marks on her body? Is it the mum who has carried babies  and has the right to show off her tiger stripes with pride? Is it the voluptuous woman who is completely happy in her body and looks stunning in a bikini regardless of what society thinks she should or should not wear? I wore a bikini this summer for the first time ever. Strangely enough I didn’t care that I don’t have the washboard stomach and perfect definition, I was hot and I wanted a tan and strangely enough I didn’t feel judged by anyone. The biggest issue I believe when it comes to body shaming is the media. We all know how fast they are to attack the famous actor for putting on a few kg’s. When it comes down to it size shouldn’t be in the equation but more your overall health. So my question is why don’t we see in March a bombardment of ‘get your winter body’ advertising? Personally for me if I want to slim down and tone up I want it more for winter than summer. Who doesn’t want to wear layers in winter? I like to wear them without feeling like the Mischelin man so I shall tone up now. I’m going to get my winter body on so I can eat yummy hot meals over winter and drink yummy hot drinks but still feel motivated enough to exercise and look after myself. Hands down I have always loved Winter over Summer because of the fashion. I’m not one to purchase outlandish crazy price clothes, I just like to see what people wear. I appreciate good style, I love scarves and woolen jumpers, guys who wear well fitted jeans with lovely jackets, ladies who style up their jeans with a pair of winter boots and a nice cardi. Yep I could people watch all day in winter and be in my element. I  might start a trend, it’s March, 12 weeks till Winter, start your 12 week transformation now… Food for thought!

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