The importance of recovery

Now I am no doctor but I know my body pretty well and I know when I have done something wrong. That was evident this weekend when I woke up Saturday with a shocking headache and muscle aches like never before. This was not a DOMS muscle ache that you get after exercise, it was a complete shutdown of my muscles wanting to do anything but rest. I was lethargic and had lost my appetite, eating and working out was the last thing on my mind. It continued through until Sunday where I certainly didn’t feel much better. I was able to be up more but struggled through the day. Come Monday I was feeling better but my leg muscles were still fatigued and I still didn’t have the energy to get through a full work day, plus my stomach was making some god awful noises that told me it really wasn’t happy. Now I could put it down to a virus, a fast virus, or I can look at what I did wrong last week and figure it out from there. I personally think I was seriously dehydrated due to the lack of care I gave to my body after a super hard workout of Friday morning. I did 10 sets of 1 minute intervals, rower, assult bike, rest. It was a killer. I finished that and immediately had to go to work. I finished the 600ml bottle of water I had with me but that’s probably about it for the day. I went to the movies after work and we had a late dinner of sushi afterwards. I had a glass of water with dinner but that was about it. It was really poor form on my behalf to deprave my body of what it needed after working so hard for me. It’s certainly a mistake I won’t make again. I’m almost back to normal, just a little bit tired but my body no longer hurts like it did and my belly has stopped talking to me. If I had of had the energy to get myself a massage over the weekend I would have, although I think for the first time ever I would have cried, I needed the release yet I was too weak to go anywhere. It is a timely reminder to me to refuel. Yes sweating it up during a session and pushing myself is an awesome feeling but if I don’t recover well then I can’t back it up. Don’t get dehydrated. Drink before and after a workout, replace the fluids you sweat out. Fuel your body with food and once you are on top of that, get yourself a massage. Roll on  pm Friday when I grace the table, Yiew!

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