What do I hate about team sport?

It a funny thing team sport. We all have those teams that we love to hate but where do you draw the line when it comes to fair play from players and spectators? Some spectators are just putrid. I’m not sure about you but no matter how much I may dislike an opposition team, I never like to see people injured. Unfortunately, today was one of those days that made me angry. I’m a trainer for Clarence which is a well known fact and it is also a well known fact that the Clarence/Glenorchy rivalry is probably the biggest in the State wide league. Now generally when these two teams meet you know you are going to end up with blood or injuries, it’s almost a given. They play hard and both teams love to beat the other. Today we had too many casualties. The worst was stretchering a 19yo off the ground. Now he’s probably going to be fine, a little bruised maybe but hopefully all is well. He went to hospital in an ambulance and we will know more in the coming days. So what made me angry about this? It wasn’t the play, I didn’t see the incident so I have no say on that. No it was the revolting comments coming from the members area of opposition supporters telling the guy who hit this young man to ‘take out a few more’. Right as we were bringing him off the ground in excruciating pain! What makes a person say that sort of thing? Who in their right mind thinks that that is ok? It’s not ok! Inciting violence into sport is never ok from players or spectators. From what I have heard this poor kid was lined up in the field of play but that will be determined by the MVP. I really hope it’s not the case. I am writing this today because I want people to stop. Stop and think before words come out of your mouth. It is sport, it is not an old style ¬†boxing match where the aim is to kill or be killed. It is what we want our kids to grow up and do to have healthy balanced lives. What do the little kids having a kick below the members think when they hear this sort or stuff all the while watching someone be stretchered off the ground? I plead with any of you who attend sport of any kind and hear this sort of behaviour, stand up. Stand up and let people know that it’s not ok! Having a dig at someone in jest is all part of the game, inciting violence is not. Lets stand together and stop this sort of behaviour from spectators and let our kids know that violence anywhere is never ok.

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