What’s news? I’ve been a little bit slack reporting the last few weeks because we have been flat out busy! Firstly just a heads up, this week and next week are full. We are without Jodie for a little while while she is off traveling the world racing. She only has one day available between now and October 15 so if you are wanting to see her you best contact us straight away so we can get you in.

I posted last week about our increase in client numbers, there is no sign of that slowing down so as of the end of this year I will be dropping the one day a fortnight I spend at another clinic to make sure I can get everyone through the doors here who is requesting a massage.

Online booking has been promised to you for a while now and I can honestly say it will be up and running on Monday. I just have to meet with my tech on the weekend to choose which format to use and we are all systems go. Sorry for the delay but we like to do things right here at Ellis Remedial.

Footy finals season is in full swing and I think I have already seen half of the team gracing my table this week alone. It’s great that the boys are looking after themselves and after a less than great start from the Clarence boys we hope to redeem ourselves this weekend with a win over Launceston to keep the premiership dream alive. Go Roos!!

Best of luck to Josh Young who will be playing in the Grand Final for Lindisfarne next weekend after a stellar win over New Norfolk last week.

That is about it for now. Just remember if you need a massage, think ahead and pre book to make sure you get the time you want.


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